About Us

Tarashkadeh Company was established in 1983 as a private company. The managers of this company have gained valuable experience in designing, engineering and part manufacturing which are because of their efforts and continual presence in industries over many years.
For long years, several types of industrial machinery have been manufactured in this company such as tensile hydraulic presses and punches, firebrick presses, different types of conveyors in different capacities (roller, chain and belt conveyors), and etc.
Tarashkadeh Company started to manufacture agricultural machines since 1996. The company performed all the stages such as designing and manufacturing of parts and machines assembling. Pneumatic Planter was the first agricultural machine that produced. The first sample got the approval of the agricultural machinery investigation center of Iran.
Planters manufactured by the company have been sent to the most provinces of the country especially organizations, sugar factories, cooperatives and the other organizations. This machine has planted different types of seeds. During the next years other agricultural machines were manufactured as below:
-  Pneumatic planter with fertilizer distributor
-  Furrower with fertilizer distributor
-  Row-crop cultivator with fertilizer distributor
In 2007 Tarashkadeh produced twin-row planter that plants two rows of seeds on one ridge in zigzag pattern.
In 2010 Tarashkadeh produced No-tillage planter that is cheaper and lighter than other no-tillage planters and works with 80 hp tractors.
The latest achievement of the company is Linear Raised bed seed drill which is suitable for cultivation of crops such as wheat in low water areas and was offered to the esteemed farmers in 2019.
All purchasers have expressed their satisfaction about the durability, precision planting, easy adjustments and safety of the machine.
Not only Iranian farmers but also the farmers of other countries have trusted Tarashkadeh products so we have good customers from other countries.